crop african american student studying craters of moon on tablet at observatory

5 things why 5 steps is great

  1. Number 1: at 5Steps you can work at your own pace. Not to brag, but I am 3 grades ahead, and I’m not even their top student. 5Steps is not messing around; they will make sure your child doesn’t go floating through school.

2. Number 2: 5 steps is a year-round school, so you can take time off whenever you like. Now, that’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

3. Number 3: IT gets even better: 5Steps is an international school, so there are many different kids from different cultures.

4. Number 4: at 5Steps, each teacher focuses on your child, no matter what grade they’re in. It’s like having a personal teacher.

5. Number 5: 5Steps has partnered up with Cambridge. Cambridge is one of the best schools in the world. It’s pretty sweet that 5Steps got to partner with them. Anyways, that’s all. Goodbye!






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